Search for destinations
along the way.

Need to make a stop along the way? Once you have a final destination selected, Sirca allows you to search for destinations along your route.

Refine your search.

You can even refine your search results by expanding the max distance it searches from your route or by targeting a certain portion of your route like the start, middle, or end.

Add the destination
to your route.

Select a destination and Sirca will adjust your route
to include your new stop.

“I love the graphics of the Sirca App. It is clean and bright, which makes it easy to see on a dark night. Also, the locations of places you want along the way as you walk or drive are easy to find.”

Paul B.

“I am so excited about SIRCA. It is very easy now to find convenient places to stop while driving somewhere. Other apps have been frustrating because their search would pull up places in all directions. With SIRCA I no longer waste time looking at places in the opposite direction I am going. YAY!!”

Vanessa H.

“Sirca is by far the most visually appealing and intuitive navigation app I have used. ‘WHERE YA HEADED’... straight to Sirca!”

Vijay A.

“Sirca has been a tremendous help in locating a close grocery store to the RV Park we were staying in and various gas stations while traveling throughout the Napa region this week. The information icon was very helpful when also looking for wineries to visit. Using phone numbers listed we got more information about tasting costs which helped us choose which wineries to visit.”

Debi P.

“I’m a seasoned traveler. I’m constantly in a new city each week and always in need of something or other. Sirca has been absolutely amazing. Whatever city I visit, it’s a huge time saver to have everything en route. I’d recommend Sirca to anyone and everyone. The app is simple and pleasant to use. It’s like the Virgin America of directional apps. Well done, Sirca, well done!”

Stephen K.

Available now on iOS and Android!